Sanctuary Lodge

Dual Diagnosis & Addiction Rehab Centre, Halstead, Essex

Sanctuary Lodge is a modern and expansive drug and alcohol treatment and rehab facility. Our clinic is staffed with some of the best trained and respected specialists in various areas of addiction therapy. Whatever the type or severity of addiction problem, behavioral or mental disorder you or your loved one is struggling with, at our well-equipped and well located lodge, you can be guaranteed the best quality treatment that extends beyond your stay.

The facilities at Sanctuary Lodge are state-of-the-art and the environment is serene, eco friendly and health-enhancing. Here, you can enjoy full access to a recreation and relaxation room, holistic therapy room, one-to-one counselling therapy rooms, clinical assessment room, attractive gardens, full catering facilities with a full-time qualified chef, weekly gym visits and so much more.

Go on a tour of our site to see the full details of our programme, plus our regular and special offers for you. We are confident our first class lodge fits what you have been looking for. But here’s the best surprise: Our pricing is just a fraction of what the more expensive treatment homes will charge you.

This is because we are passionate and committed to your full recovery and good health. We want everyone to be able to access good quality treatment at the lowest rates.

Key Features
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    CQC Registration

    Sanctuary Lodge is licensed by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which means when you lodge in our clinic for treatment you know you are receiving the highest standard and best safety treatment.

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    Free Aftercare

    Our care and support for clients is lifetime. Our free aftercare programme is to help you consolidate on the gains of the therapy as an inpatient.

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    Extended Support

    Using a structured programme and pace, we offer an extended care to client, focused on goal setting and preparing for a life after recovery.

Why we are different
  • Top Quality and Tailored Treatment Programmes

    Each rehab and treatment programme at our clinic is personalised to the client’s unique needs, and lifestyle. We want to help patients make a smooth return to their regular routines and live an active lifestyle as soon as it is safe to do so. Whatever your specific challenges, age grade or lifestyle, we have the facilities to give you an effective and personalized healing experience.

  • State of the Art Facilities

    We have full assurance you will be happy and satisfied with our programmes and facilities, as they are the best you will come across at an incredibly fair rate. The reason is that we are passionate about your recovery and want to help you walk the road to hope again with peace and confidence.

  • Result Proof Recovery & Mental Health Success

    Many of our trained staff are former addicts themselves and can show the right empathy and understanding required to help a newly admitted client settle in quickly and easily. We are well conscious that no two patients are the same, so we make sure our therapies and general approach to clients are highly individualized and efficient for the best results.

    What’s more? Our facilities and environment are just about all you could ask for in a world class rehab and treatment centre — plus you are entitled to a full year of aftercare services at no extra cost.

    Using an effective feedback mechanism from past and present clients, we are continuously innovating and improving our facilities and service delivery so patients and their families can continue to enjoy the best treatments with faster and more tangible results.

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