Oasis Runcorn

Dual Diagnosis & Addiction Rehab Centre, Runcorn, Cheshire

Oasis Runcorn is a unique recovery and treatment centre offering dual addiction help programmes and client-tailored treatment. These are the 12 step Programme and the Oasis Strengths programme, both delivered within a therapeutic environment.

Our addiction help centre provides primary and secondary treatment which consists of community process, process groups, therapeutic activities, one to one counselling, house meetings, workshops, groups and worksheets. Any client with literacy issues will be helped and supported.

At Oasis Runcorn, we adopt a rounded approach to treatment and care, targeting the mind, body and spirit of the client. Also, we ensure they get adequate family and community support for total recovery and health.

That is why we set up the Oasis EAA Communities as we realise that in some instances, admission will be arranged by a close family member or friend. We strive to strengthen relationships that are close to the patient’s heart and (with their permission) involve family and loved ones in their recovery journey.

We have a dedicated admissions team to assist the family during the sometimes very stressful process. We also offer family support in the form of our Family Recovery Programme. Nothing gives us as much job satisfaction as witnessing our patients return to full health and the renewed comfort of their family alongside them.

Aftercare is a vital part of the ongoing recovery process and is very important in helping to safeguard against relapse. For all of our patients that complete their treatment programme, they receive a 1-year free aftercare support sessions and exclusive access to the UK’s first life-long support network called UKAT Alumni.

UKAT Alumni is about life after treatment and building a social and support network in your local area, where summer BBQs, Christmas parties, weekend bowling et cetera become a normal part of your life again… but this time you experience the joys of life while being clean and sober!

Key Features
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    CQC Registration

    Oasis Runcorn Clinic is a Care Quality Commission (CQC)-regulated addiction rehab facility; so you can be assured that with regard to your safety, treatment and medical care, we maintain very strict policies and guidelines at all times.

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    Free Aftercare

    On treatment completion, we provide free aftercare service so you can continue to enjoy the benefits of good health and full recovery, post-inhouse treatment.

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    Extended Care

    We provide extended care using a structured programme and space to focus on goal setting and planning for a life in recovery.

Why we are different
  • High Care Standards

    The difference with Oasis Communities Runcorn is rooted in the fact that we consider that our clients’ welfare goes beyond inpatient treatment. We look to re-inspire those that have lost all hope due to their addiction. We provide a standard of excellence and dedication that assists the individual throughout the entire recovery process and back into community living.

  • Evidence Based Recovery & Mental Health Outcomes

    Every point of service delivery is supported by research to provide the best opportunity for effective healing, growth, and change. This is why we have continued to succeed with our mission of effecting change and supporting clients and their families to achieve their goals in overcoming addic¬tion and/or mental health related diseases.

  • Disease Management and Meaning Discovery

    What captures the motivation for change is the client’s’ ability to dis¬cover and apply personal and shared meaning. Learning and develop¬ing disease management skills ensures lasting and sustainable solu¬tions that help prevent a relapse. To this end, clients and families learn how to deal with addiction and enjoy a better social relationship.

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Calls will be answered by admissions at UK Addiction Treatment Group.

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