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We love to help people Get Connected. We are one of the largest providers of private rehabilitation, we treat drug and alcohol addictions along with process addictions like gambling, sex & love and eating disorders. We are constantly at the forefront of the latest addiction treatments and look forward to helping you onto your journey of recovery.

Find Treatment in your area

Mental Health and Substance use disorder treatment services are available in the following Locations.

  • Lifetime

    Free aftercare to make sure your integration back to life is smooth

  • Highly Skilled

    Doctors and Therapists with years of experience

  • Recommended

    Highly recommended by our past clients

Get Connected are committed to helping reduce Mental Health Stigma

Many people don’t understand mental health, there is a stigma in the community and people are scared of the implications. We here at Get Connected are all about destigmatising mental health, helping people grow and live the happy life they deserve. We believe that all human beings have the capacity for innate well-being.

  • Multiple centres dealing with all different mental health conditions
  • Highly skilled doctors and psychiatrists making sure you get the right treatment
  • Compassionate therapists helping you make sense of your life
  • Luxury rehabs with excellent facilities making your stay as comfortable as possible
  • Supporting you in the future reintegrate back to society and life
Join the movement

We are more than just a rehabilitation centre. We are a catalyst for changing lives.

At Get Connected we really want to make a difference, we don’t send you on your way, we are here to support you with UKAT Alumni after your treatment, there is ongoing support, Facebook group and meetings at your rehabilitation centre to continue the support.

Driving Change

At Get Connected we are committed to driving change in the field of mental health and addictions. We are continuing to grow and learn as well as leading the way in our field. If you or a loved one are struggling with mental health, dual diagnosis or addictions, please feel free to give us a call.

Are you concerned about yourself or someone you love

Take a few minutes to complete an anonymous, free, self-assessment.

You can give light to a patient living with mental illness.
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Calls will be answered by admissions at UK Addiction Treatment Group.

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