Quick and Reliable Admissions for Rehab

Reaching out for help can be overwhelming, our admissions staff understand this and are highly trained to provide you with an understanding and empathic approach whilst at the same time working with you to provide an appropriate solution that is right for you.

Our Admissions Process

We will discuss your current condition, history of your illness and any relevant medical information which will enable us to provide a tailored course of treatment

Choice of Clinic

As part of the UK Addiction Treatment group, we can treat at Banbury Lodge in Oxfordshire or across the UK (if that better suits your treatment needs)


Once you have made the decision to be admitted to the clinic of your choice, a deposit will be taken, with the balance payable on admission

Sober Transportation

We have our own sober transport service which can pick you up and drop you off before and after rehab


On arrival, you will be welcomed by a member of staff, settle into your new surroundings, meet the clinical team of doctors, nurses and therapists and of course your fellow clients

You can give light to a patient living with mental illness.
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Who am I calling?

Calls will be answered by admissions at UK Addiction Treatment Group.

We look forward to helping you take your first step

0203 993 5571