Oasis Bradford

Dual Diagnosis & Addiction Rehab Centre, Bradford, West Yorkshire

Just as our name states, for many years, Oasis Bradford has provided an oasis of healing and full recovery for people struggling with different types of addictions, behavioural disorders, or mental health problems. Our clinic is a well-equipped private facility sited on a sprawling and highly conducive, clean and calming location. Our staff members are well trained and experienced in various fields of addiction treatment;

All of these help to speed up the healing and recovery process. With the support of a passionate and dedicated support team, you or your loved one will break free of any cycle of addiction in no time.

Our goal is to provide you access to quality detox and rehabilitation programmes, plus a standard aftercare support. We boast a proud heritage of excellent clinical treatment and care; and with our Care Quality Commission accreditation, you can further set your mind at ease.

Our commitment at Oasis Bradford is to give you the highest quality treatment in a standard facility at the lowest prices. This guarantees all our clients get wholesome addiction treatment, support and care; a life of renewed hope, happiness and great social relationship with their loved ones. All our records of success are verifiable.

At our clinic and lodge, we want you to feel at ease and at peace. This is why we have gone the extra mile to create the kind of environment to make you feel totally at home. The private bedrooms are well refurbished to premium standards; and the available facilities have been carefully built to ensure your stay with us is very relaxed and comfortable for you or your loved one. You will certainly be happy to complete your recovery programme here with us.

Key Features
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    CQC Registration

    We are CQC (Care Quality Commission) registered, providing a seal of assurance that when you come to us at Oasis Bradford, you are invariably accessing the highest standards of treatment and safety anywhere.

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    Safe and Therapeutic Setting

    Our clinic is located in a safe and serene environment which contributes to the healing process and fast recovery.

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    Lifetime Post-Treatment Support

    At Oasis Bradford, we treat all our patients like family, even after they leave the lodge. Our solid aftercare programme is aimed at helping former inpatients consolidate on the gains of the treatment they have received, and to stay connected to a larger community of people recovering.

Why we are different
  • The Best Quality Care

    We adopt a whole-person methodology to treatment. So rather than just treat the illness, we take a comprehensive approach and – in addition to the body –, we also treat the mind and spirit.

  • Our Work Culture

    At Oasis Bradford, we have a standard work ethic of hard work and commitment.

    We want you to never lose hope, no matter how severe you think your illness is or bad you consider your condition. We can help you get to where you want to be – living a new life of hope, joy and social fulfillment with your loved ones, and wholly free of addiction. All we ask of you is to show hardwork and commitment too.

  • Family Recovery

    We will be there for you every step of the way. We will work hand in hand with your family members to ensure you do not suffer a relapse and that issues like resentment or anger do not fester. We will provide our full support to assist you and your family members walk the road together to a life of true health and happiness.

Reach Us
  • Address:

    Oasis Bradford
    21A Bolling Road
    Bradford, West Yorkshire
    BD4 7BG
    United Kingdom

  • Phone:

    0203 993 5571calling

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