Youth organisations

If you work with young people under 25 we can help you make sure that they can get access to the right help, 365 days a year

Help us support young people

Here at Get Connected, we are dedicated to providing free and confidential help and support for all young people under 25.  Our aim is to make sure that all young people are empowered to seek help and know where to go to find it. 

Young people are at the heart of our helpline service and we actively encourage schools, colleges, youth groups and any organisation that works with young people to work with us to ensure that as many young people as possible know that help is there for them.

Tell them about Get Connected

If you work with young people and struggle to find the right sort of help for them when they share a problem with you, encourage them to contact Get Connected. We have access to over 10,000 specialist support services.

We have a range of materials to help promote our helpline service to young people. These include pocket-sized card to distribute, posters and information leaflets. Click here to order free publicity materials.

You can also contact us on their behalf

We regularly speak to adults concerned about young people, and can help you identify what services are available to the young person you're concerned about. Whatever the issue - bullying, eating disorders or depression, to name a few - we can explore the options and let you know about any appropriate services. We've also got information on services that support adults in their responsibilities towards young people.