Your confidentiality and privacy

Sometimes it can be really hard to talk about things, particularly when you don't know if what you've talked about will be passed on to someone else.

At Get Connected we treat our phone calls, emails, text messages and webchats as confidential. That means we won't tell anybody outside of Get Connected about what you've told us. However, if we're connecting you through to another organisation and you want us to tell them a little bit about your situation, we can do that with your permission.

Sometimes we might need to share information between colleagues at Get Connected. We might ask you for your first name, age and where in the country you live so that we can try to find the help that is most suitable for you, but it is always up to you how much information you give us.

There are a few circumstances when we might have to pass on what you've said to someone else outside of Get Connected.

  • One situation is if you, or someone else, is in life-threatening danger and we believe that you need help from the emergency services. We'll explain that the call/webchat/email is no longer confidential and we‘d like to tell the relevant emergency service about the situation, we would then ask for details such as the address and phone number. If you give them to us, we'll then contact the emergency service, even if you don't want us to.
  • We don't provide a confidential service to anyone abusing a child, and in this situation, we’ll explain that the call/webchat/email is no longer confidential and we will ask for details so we can pass them to the police. We are able to offer information about services aimed at stopping the abuse.
  • The other situation where we would ask for your details in order to give them to someone outside of Get Connected is if we believe you or someone you know presents a threat to the Get Connected service, its staff, volunteers or premises. This does not have to be life threatening.

We will always let you know if we think you're in one of the above situations, and if we're considering sharing anything you've told us with someone outside Get Connected. If you have any concerns about confidentiality, just ask the Helpline Volunteer at the beginning of your call, email, text or webchat. The policy applies to all methods of contacting us.

For more information you can also read our full Confidentiality Policy.

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Please note that under strict contractual terms Get Connected may engage trusted third parties to carry out research and data processing for us.