How our service works

Under 25? We’re here for you, 365 days a year, for absolutely anything you’re going through. You can contact us however you’d prefer - by phone, email or web chat.

We're free, we're friendly, we won't judge and we won't tell.

We want to make sure that you feel as comfortable as possible when you contact us. Whichever way you get in touch, you’ll be put in touch with one of our trained Helpline Volunteers who can support you with whatever is going on.

What can I expect if I contact Get Connected?

You might be wondering what a conversation with Get Connected might be like. It will usually have three main stages:

  1. Going through the problem
    To start with, the Helpline Volunteer will chat to you about your situation. They’ll listen and never hurry you, so you can take your time to explain what’s been going on for you. It’s up to you how much you want to tell us, and it’s ok if there are things you’d rather not say. We want you to feel 100% comfortable, so we’ll take things at your pace. We’ll always be supportive, and we won’t judge you for anything you tell us.
  2. Seeing what your options are
    Once we know a bit more about your situation, we’ll be able to see what your options are. We’ll ask about the sort of help you might be after, and also find out how you’d prefer to get help (eg. over the phone, online, or face-to-face in your local area). Then we’ll be able to let you know about relevant services so you know what options you have.
  3. Contacting further help
    It’s up to you what you want to happen next. We can give you contact information for the services that you’re interested in, and however you contact us, we can also text the details to your phone if you’d like. If you’re chatting to us over the phone, we can offer you a one-off free phone connection to another service. This would start out as a 3-way conversation where we’d introduce you to the service and make sure that you felt comfortable talking to them.

- Check out the key policies that govern our helpline service (including our Child Protection, Confidentiality and Complaints Policies)

- Concerned about privacy? Find out more about how we help to ensure your privacy as a Get Connected service user.

"They were patient, kind and non-judgemental. Gave me lots of information and to be honest saved my life!"
Alice, 17