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Get Connected is the UK's free, confidential helpline service for young people under 25 who need help, but don't know where to turn.

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Abuse and violence
Abuse and violence can take lots of different forms. It's ok to ask for help. Read more »
Bullying, harassment and discrimination
This can be at school, college, uni, work or online. Read more »
Citizenship and cultural issues
Issues to do with your culture, or challenges you face as an immigrant, refugee or asylum seeker. Read more »
Crime, the law and your rights
Involved with or affected by crime? Need to know your rights or want help with legal issues? Read more »
Drink, drugs and addictions
There are loads of things people get hooked on, but the most common addictions are alcohol, smoking and drugs. Read more »
Families and care
Stuff going on at home, whether you’re growing up with your biological family, foster parents or within the care system. Read more »
Feelings and mental health
Stressed, sad, lonely, anxious or depressed? Help for however you're feeling. Read more »
Gender identity and sexual orientation
Anything to do with being gay, lesbian, bi or trans, or unsure how you identify. Read more »
Harming yourself
This includes issues such as self-harm, harmful eating habits and suicide. Read more »
Housing and homelessness
Homeless or having problems with your current housing setup? Read more »
Physical health
Issues relating to illness, disease or disability. Read more »
Sex, relationships and pregnancy
All things to do with your love life, sex life and pregnancy. Read more »
Work, education and money
Worried about your job, being unemployed, benefits, debt or school/college/uni? Read more »

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